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Become a PlatinDeal Merchant

PlatinDeal helps you find new buyers and new markets for your products. And that's not all: you’ll find that you and your customers will seamlessly become participants in the global cryptocurrency market!

We provide the platform, solutions and support necessary for business growth and the prosperity of our merchants.

More than a marketplace

Become a PlatinDeal merchant, and you’ll not only receive an additional avenue for attracting customers, but we’ll also provide your business with all the benefits and guarantees laid down in blockchain technology:

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transaction transparency
Second step
lack of intermediaries
First step
growth opportunities

Conquer the markets easily

By offering goods and services at PlatinDeal, you’ll become a member of the cryptocurrency market with an already established distribution system. It means that:

  • There’s no need to build a cryptocurrency market from scratch and go through all of the hurdles or challenges at every stage - we've made sure you start earning with the minimum of effort.
  • By selling coupons for coins, you'll attract a considerable flow of customers ensuring higher sales.
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Be progressive! Giving potential buyers a new option

Be progressive! Giving potential buyers a new option - the purchase of goods and services for cryptocurrency.

Selling coupons on PlatinDeal allows you to create your own customer base. Using unique solutions whilst having platform support, you can:

  • Create a comfortable environment for interacting with customers,
  • Have up to date information for your audience about promotions and updates,
  • Ensuring stable sales for your business
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